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We pride ourselves on producing quality, handcrafted shepherd huts individually tailored to meet your particular requirements. Based on the northern edge of the New Forest on the Hampshire/ Dorset border, with countryside all around, Dorset Shepherd Huts have been designing and building huts since 2010.

We are passionate about using traditional methods in harmony with the latest technology to create a beautiful, warm and environmentally sound space to be used as a home office, snug, Glamping /additional accommodation, artist's studio, or however you choose.

Using our self build options you have the opportunity to reduce the cost of owning your hut by 'shopping around' for windows, doors, cladding and flooring if ours doesn't meet your requirements. This will make your hut a creation that's one of a kind.

We feel our approach is unique to the shepherd hut industry and makes us the number one choice when looking to create your affordable shepherd hut. Many of our clients had given up the idea owning a shepherd hut due to the many over priced 'Shepherd Hut companies' charging huge prices! Our clients can create a fully functioning home office for less than £6K and a self build glamping hut for less than £10k when they do some of the work themselves. Don't give up on the idea come and talk to us.........


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With the threat of capital gains tax being charged to home owners for using part of their property solely for working from home, and when selling your home with a FIXED base garden shed which has been used for working from home not seen as a positive to the taxman, either! The self build Mini Hut is the perfect choice, either take it with you when you move or simply sell it before, negating the tax issue.


With the global situation and lots of fear, uncertainty and doubt around travel looking to remain a constant for a very long time, staycations are higher than ever before. The need for people to 'get away' still remains high, and the call for somewhere different is even greater. This is a fantastic time for you to move forward with that glamping dream, but not at a cost £15K - £40K a hut. Our self build flat pack, enables you to build it yourself or you could employ your local trades people to help you, which not only gets you what you want, but also helps your local economy, this has got to be better than giving it to the OVER PRICED 'shepherd hut' companies.

How we started 10 years ago with our show hut being pulled along the roads to shows !!

Our New 'Mini Hut Self-Buid Solution'

Based upon 8 years of experience, we have designed the 'Mini Hut Solution' to fulfill the need for a useable, peaceful, connected space to work in, situated in your own garden as more and more of us need and/or want to work from home.

The 'Mini Hut' can be delivered fully finished and ready for you to settle in immediately, or you can opt for a self-build option. The self build option arrives with the base and chassis already constructed with wheels attached, and the side panels made ready to be erected. It is no more difficult that putting together a garden shed.

Our Self-build Mini Hut perfect for the home office, a gastro dining hut, garden room start at just £2700.00 for a hut which is 3m long you could say a perfect space to work rest and play.

See 'OUR HUTS' for further details, or call us to find out how we can help give you the space you need at an honest and affordable price.

Our Glamping / Accommodation Self-Build Solution

We have recognised that the large budgets traditionaly associated with Shepherd's Huts aren't often justified. Why pay between £15,000 and £40,000 for a Shepherd's Hut when you can pay just a fraction of that and have the satisfaction of having created it yourself.

Our self-build Glamping / Accommodation hut is a luxury that is affordable and at 5400mm long and 2286mm wide it gives you all the space you need for a full size bed, shower room, kitchenette and dining with a wood burner. Starting at only £5500.00 you can build a beautiful space unique to your setting and increase income at the same time as a glamping buiness.

See 'OUR HUTS' for further details, or call us to find out how we can help give you the space you need at an honest and affordable price.

Are you a professional carpenter

We are looking to increase our profesional carpenter network across the UK, the network of professional carpenters who would be willing to work with our clients onsite creating their dream huts using our self build packs.

if you are a profesional carpenter with over 10 years experience in the 'second fix environment' then we want to hear from you, contact me directly by emailing me at [email protected]

Lets help our clients with you help your local economy!

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